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.: Tour of Portugal :: 2006-11-21.
>> and yes ,whe finnisch and how .Whit some roadbook problems and for first time 9 overal
The rally start in F1 Estoril and whe have done +- 1600 km (plus total of 6000 km) In first part whe had 2 pages not in our roadbook and didend find the road .After some lucky whe came bach and where back in rally but to late .Whe dissed to show it to control and the told us to start on the special Stages .The count us the control and place Us no 40 and first with one control left .The first evening the had no time to control all and whe had to start on place 40 instad off 7 .The second evening whe where on place 12 back because the had to count a everase instead off not giving our control .With some good atacking whe finnish the rally on place 9 after 8 pilots Portugais So first foriner .A place before was possible but in a so big rally and with no problems with the car I am very happy with it .PS photos will come in forum

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