Oldtimer all inclusive services

Garage facilities at the Abarth Works Museum

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Looking for a place to store your classic car, rent a workplace or enjoy the excellent service offered by professionals in old timers and classic cars? No need to look further: at the Abarth Works Museum all these services and many more are provided.

Interested? Take a look below at the different facilities or get in touch via [TEL NR PR/MUSEUM].

  • Old timer all-inclusive service
  • Rally service
  • Restauration projects
  • Old timer restaurations
  • Storage service
  • Workplace with or without assistance
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Old timer all-inclusive service

An old timer is like a delicate flower: it has to be attended to with the uttermost care and needs frequent nurturing. For this purpose, the old timer all-inclusive service was brought to life. At the Abarth Works Museum, you can not only store your classic cars throughout the year, you can also put them in the capable hands of our professionals.

After profoundly examining the needs of your old timer, the Abarth Works Museum-team will make it their top priority to make sure your car can continue to bloom like back in the old days. Some of our standard checks:

  • Make sure the battery does not die.
  • Check the tyres to prevent a flat tyre.
  • Assure the lights are working, as well as check the alignment.
  • Guarantee that the car is ready for drive whenever the client wishes.

In a nutshell, this means your car is on a deluxe retreat all year long! Wondering how your old timer fits into this?

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