History of the
Abarth Works Museum

This legacy has no equals, over 70 years of experience

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< 1949

The founder of the Abarth Works Museum – Guy Moerenhout – was born on the 11th of December 1949. It could be seen as predestined for him to get involved with Abarth, as it is the founding year of the brand Abarth by Carlo Abarth.

1971 >

After developing a profound interest in rally cars, Guy Moerenhout decides to start his own garage in Mortsel. Specialized in the brand Ford Motorsport, Guy Moerenhout becomes a valuable name around the rally entourage and rally cars world in general.

guy moerenhout 1971

< 1977

As the LADA NIVA is released, Guy Moerenhout becomes one of the biggest LADA distributors in Belgium, after which he founds the LADA SPORT. He takes part in the Keesing project and helps the LADA NIVA team at Paris-Dakar. Releasing special rally cars in several countries in Europe, Moerenhout has close contacts with the LADA factory. Because of this chapter in Moerenhout’s career, he still owns one of the largest collections of LADA’s around the world.

1984 >

After establishing a name for himself around the globe, Moerenhout creates GMR – Guy Moerenhout Racing – as a collective, allowing him to move to a larger compound in Mortsel. His interests in Abarth are projected in his position as the last official rally pilot of Abarth cars in Belgium. He drove his ultimate rally in a FIAT RITMO 130 TC ABARTH.

garage lier
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< 2007

As the name Moerenhout continues to grow, a new concept starts to take shape: combining both restorations of classic cars and collecting unique vintage vehicles. The need for more space pushes Guy Moerenhout to the outskirts of Lier, to which he takes 35 cars. The precursor of the Abarth Works Museum has been established.

2010 >

Guy Moerenhout keeps expanding his empire starting off with the creation of a collection of unique and rare classic cars, attracting attention around the globe.

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< 2015

The Abarth Works Museum officially opens its doors, inviting people from all over the world to visit the legendary collection of over 200 classic cars, gathered by Guy Moerenhout.

2020 >

Guy Moerenhout and stepson Jeroen Nys – CEO of VARO – put their heads together and decide to combine forces. As his extraordinary collection has grown to over 300 cars, the building shows its limits, and plans are made to give the concept a new look. To be continued!

Guy Moerenhout & Jeroen Nys